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Project Details

Planning an event is exciting, but make it rewarding by securing top-level sponsorships with an enticing pitch deck.

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Client Challenge

The National Business League approached our team for design services on their conference sponsorship pitch deck. With already well defined brand guidelines and a frame for the presentation, our designers were tasked with taking the content to the next level to make the organization stand out and leave a lasting impression that would translate to tangible sponsorship agreements.

Our Solution

Beginning with visual identity exploration, the L Street team crafted several options that aligned with the organization’s culture and core values of the event. Our objective of ensuring slide consistency paired with the client’s desire for balance between a corporate identity and their non-profit roots led to a clean and vibrant solution. When applied to the full deck, our design utilized infographics, powerful imagery, bold colors, and a well defined content hierarchy, to enhance the presentation’s impact.

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