Simplifying Cyber Communications

October 21, 2020

Imagine waking up one morning and logging into your E*trade account just to find out that your entire investment portfolio has been wiped out or being held at ransom. That’s a very scary thought—but is a very real, and serious threat. 


Financial Service Giants like JP Morgan & Chase spend roughly $600M each year with a staff of around 3,000 IT security personnel to make sure your accounts and investments stay safe. 


The reason industries like financial institutions were slow to adopt work-from-home policies, wasn’t a lack of ability, it’s the lack of infrastructure to deploy that same level of cyber safety expected at the office into the home. 


What this all means is that communication is crucial. Here are some tips for simplifying cyber communications: 


1. Make it Memorable

Between VPN’s, file encryption, and trying to explain why you shouldn’t use the same password for every account, cybersecurity is a web of complexity. 


When approaching how you communicate cyber to the everyday employee, make it memorable with short, easy-to-digest assets. 


At Quicksilver, we’re helping clients develop short, animated videos that help make key points impactful with our ready-set-return series.


2. Up the Frequency

Phishing schemes, alone, have risen more than 400% since the start of the pandemic and more than 47% of employees say that distractions are the number 1 reason for their inability to catch it.


To help employees stay cyber safe, over-communication is key. Use marketing automation across your intranet to keep cyber top-of-mind. 


3. Personalize it

8 months into a pandemic, it’s no secret that we’re all stressed out. Adding cybersecurity to the everyday employee’s workload doesn’t help. During this time, it’s important to create an open dialogue between employees and IT teams to help navigate technology challenges. 


Building training programs to make it simple for employees to learn the risks, voice their concerns, and stay cyber-safe, is an effective approach. 


Don’t let the complexity of communicating cybersecurity weigh you down. Lean on experts, like Quicksilver Studios, to help build the content you need to keep it simple. 


Need help simplifying cyber communications and content creation? Reach out to us today!

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