So You’re Going Through A Rebrand—Our 4 Key Takeaways

July 6, 2022

Key Takeaways from L Street Collaborative’s Rebrand

Earlier this year, our team went through a rebranding process, relaunching as L street Collaborative from our previous name, Quicksilver Studios. It has been a process to make sure our new brand better reflects our expanded offerings, and communicates the vision we share for the future of LSCollab. If we’re being honest, we’re still working through the trials and triumphs of rebranding, and wanted to share some lessons learned.

A rebrand signifies a time of evolution for companies—you’ve outgrown your current brand through the addition of service or products lines, internal reorganization, and/or a fundamental shift in processes. With this in mind, it’s important to get clear about what a rebrand signifies, both internally to your team, and externally to current clients and prospects who knew you as your previous brand. 

In reflecting upon our own rebranding process, we recommend taking some time to consider these three takeaways when considering the communication of your rebrand:

1. Communicating Effectively with Your Internal Team 

To own a brand change, a team has to understand it, and feel they had their touchpoint in it.

Bringing the team along in the process of rebranding is crucial– not only to refining the rebranding process, but for the team having ownership in this evolution of the company.  

2. Keep Your Digital Channels in Mind

It’s important to have a unified front when rebranding digitally. Making sure that every social media channel is aligned, that copy is consistent and that all new brand assets are deployed across the digital communication channels is crucial. Timing is everything here. 

3. Develop a Rock-Solid Announcement Strategy 

Through LSCollab’s rebrand, we knew we needed to make sure it was clear to prospective clients as well as current clients to clearly define who we were in the wake of this change and to highlight that what our new brand had to offer was even more relevant to their needs than before; that we had taken the best of our past brand, and evolved it to fit our expanded offerings.  

How are you going to communicate the rebrand to inbound leads and returning clients? Consider drafting up a response to inbound leads who may have known you as your previous brand name, and to current clients. It can be used as an opportunity to introduce any new services or capabilities that come along with the rebrand.

4. Give Yourself & Your Team Grace

Rebrands are incredibly hard and, inevitably, something is going to go wrong. But don’t panic—the most important part of the whole rebrand experience is communication, and making sure your clients and your internal teams know what is happening. As long as your audiences know that you’re working through a rebrand, the rest will fall into place.

Thinking about a rebrand? Now's the time! Our experts are ready to help! 

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