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June 1, 2023

The marketing landscape is changing as we speak as new tools, technologies, and approaches are developed. ChatGPT, a computer program created by open AI that can understand and generate human-like responses based on user prompts, is spearheading much of this change. This deep learning model is an interface that sits on top of the powerful, underlying technology, API. Are technologies such as ChatGPT and Generative AI slowly replacing human marketing functions or is it simply a super advanced tool? 

Marketing with ChatGPT is far from perfect. While this advanced technology can boost certain efforts, it is by no means a marketer’s replacement. This platform gathers information from all over the internet and creates its responses from the data. This means that the responses given are not always accurate, which can be seen when ChatGPT removes old data as it learns what is wrong. 

Marketers often create long-form content such as blogs, reports, and whitepapers, which some see as an opportunity for ChatGPT to develop this material. However, it is not recommended for several reasons. This long-form content should include keywords to boost SEO which the software will not automatically include. Google is not clear yet how collateral made by ChatGPT will affect SEO results, but if you as a marketer don’t want to read the content why would your target audience want to? Material developed by humans incorporates nuances that do make a difference when addressing the reader. That being said, ChatGPT is a great tool that can be used in supporting long-form writing in the form of rephrasing a paragraph or summarizing key informational points. The trick is to learn how to master the tool! It is not a copywriter’s replacement but an asset for them to use. 

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The technology of ChatGPT learns from what is already on the internet, a gray area in copyright laws as the material this program is learning from was created by someone else. The ins and outs of the legalities here are murky but companies such as Adobe and Google are using Generative AI to support content creator’s rights and new Google features such as Bard, Search, and Sidekick to enhance marketing. While you can opt-out of your work being used by algorithms, not everyone knows how to do that and the details are unclear at times. Adobe is developing a Generative AI through their Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI) which helps artists get credit for their work. Not only do creators get acknowledgment, but it also offers visibility to the user of who made the content on how it was created and edited. Bard by Google has partnered with Adobe Firefly to generate images using AI, and Sidekick by Google can provide AI generated suggestions on Google Slides, Docs, and Gmail to enhance your workflow. Industry giants such as Google are showing us the importance of giving credit where it is due which can be seen in the updates on Search. These new features do a better job specifying where and when photos are from to improve visibility. 

Working with ChatGPT and Generative AI shows that technology is not perfect. This is both an art and a science, requiring logic and creativity to get the results marketers seek. Whether you’re using Generative AI to render complex images or ChatGPT to write ad copy, it is an art to learn the correct prompts to use and understanding when leveraging these technologies doesn’t make sense. Think of AI and ChatGPT as advanced tools in your toolbelt that need mastering rather than a work-hack that could potentially replace a marketer’s role. Marketing development and collaboration between companies is as important as ever as these technologies continue to raise the bar of what is standard practice.

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