Top Digital Tools We Like Using As a Marketing Agency for Project Success

August 1, 2023

Elevate your next big project by utilizing our team’s favorite design, management, and video editing tools! Everyone has their go-to favorites, so we created a list of our tried and true tools to help you succeed in your next project. 

Slide decks and PowerPoint presentations are our bread and butter. For these we stick to—you guessed it—PowerPoint! To elevate presentations and incorporate custom graphic elements, our L Street team loves to utilize Adobe Illustrator. This platform allows us to add an extra flair that really makes presentations stand out. 

It’s important that projects stay on track and be efficiently managed. In order to deliver projects on time and in an organized fashion, we love to use: 

These tools are amazing for organizing workflows, documents, file and image sharing, digital collaboration, and task tracking. The devil is in the details and when it comes to project management, close attention to deadlines, progress, and understanding how each project section is developing is  necessary to deliver quality work. Thanks to these great tools, our team is set up for success every time!

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Maintaining a social media presence is essential in the marketing world. To stay on top of our digital presence, our team utilizes tools such as:

  • Google Sheets for planning
  • Adobe Illustrator for designs
  • GoDaddy Studio for icons
  • Buffer for scheduling

It isn’t as simple as posting a picture on Instagram nowadays so thankfully this slew of software tools is able to make the process seamless. 

Another service we offer is creating flyers and other graphic design marketing pieces. This is made possible using platforms such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign! Whenever we are creating marketing collateral, you can bet these are the first tools in our toolbelt. When video editing is required, Adobe Premiere is our go to software to make a creative piece come to life!

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Our modern business world is chalk full of amazing softwares and digital systems to help elevate processes and the quality of work. Here at L Street Collaborative, our team is experienced and well versed in all of these great tools listed here today. If you or your company are looking for design or project management support, start with some of these recommendations or reach out and our pro team can support your project efforts. 

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