Tradeshow Cancelled & Event Postponed, Don't Fret!

March 13, 2020
Try these 5 Effective Alternatives to Face-2-Face Marketing

So, have you heard of this virus that is going around? If you haven’t, it’s likely that you were too busy prepping for an upcoming tradeshow or industry event…that was just canceled.

As a result of the Coronavirus spreading so quickly, many companies have restricted non-essential travel while others are stuck in-decision, going so far as to decommit and then recommit to an industry event just to have organizers pull the plug. Companies spend massive marketing dollars to build out their conference presence and prep sales teams to win deals, even planning product launches around their attendance. Natural Products Expo West, The Chicago Housewares Trade Show, and SXSW are just a few of the largest events that have been canceled, forced online or postponed as of the writing of this article. With a massive ripple effect, many companies are left wondering how they will promote their products, hear from industry leaders, and fulfill their 2020 marketing and sales goals.

Fear Not! We made this handy list of impactful alternatives to Face-2-Face marketing:

1. Video

Video has consistently proven to deeply engage targeted audiences, putting it as one of the must-have replacements for your in-person demo or client meeting. Why tell them when you can show them? Also, video can be seamlessly reconstituted, meaning your 3-minute product demo can be easily edited down for social media consumption, saving time and money by leveraging a single content source to feed two different deliverables.

2. Digital Viewbook

Who wouldn’t want to see how a pitch performs post-presentation? Using a Digital Viewbook as part of your presentation provides you an immediate conduit for collecting actionable data and identifying buying behavior. No more anecdotal outcomes, let the metrics help guide your next client-pursuit move.

3. Webinar Broadcast

Make a personal connection remotely by setting up live broadcasts with your prospects, clients and teammates. Many platforms allow recording of your broadcast and letting you share the content beyond your initial audience. You’ll also be empowered with polling, chat messaging and engagement data to make more informed pursuit choices. Better yet, create a webinar series or regularly occurring event.

4. Customized Direct Mail

Print, believe it or not, is thriving in 2020! Customized Direct Mail ensures that list of attendees you had planned to connect with receives your brochures and some of those killer tchotchkes you bought for the booth. Options abound, including pieces that incorporate audio or video cards. Handwritten notes are another excellent way to cut through the clutter and get a call back.

5. Engaging Social Media Campaign

Social is extremely powerful, especially when you are “live” at industry events. Many people are tuning in to follow hashtags, read tweets and watch video snippets from speaker panels. Even if you unable to attend, show your followers that you are still a thought leader by pushing an engaging social campaign that touches on the topics that would have been discussed at the event or tradeshow. You may also find value in launching a social listening initiative to see what the social-sphere is saying about your (or your competitor’s) industry, your company or your product.

Nobody likes their best laid plans to change unexpectedly, but there is still business to win and clients to make happy. The above options will certainly give you an edge, but why go it alone when you could have a team of seasoned professionals to help you plan and execute your effective messaging.

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