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Project Details

As part of the L Street Corporation team, Collab was approached by Human Resources to assist them in pulling off another event—this time for St. Baldricks!

Fundraising event design? The Collab is ready to jump in. When our parent company requested event support while fundraising for St. Baldrick's, our team of designers and marketers created an event execution strategy. Together, we raised over $7000.
Client Challenge

While Human Resources handled the logistics of the event, L Street Corp asked the Collab team to help promote the event across the portfolio companies and on social media. With two people donating their hair, the pressure was on to raise money and rally the L Street family!

Our Solution

The Collab team set up a four month campaign under the existing hashtag #lscares. The campaign included a post schedule for all portfolio companies, involving our art team to design collateral, emailing language that employees could use to post on their own social media, and live streaming the event across four platforms—a record for L Street Corp! Together, we raised over $6,500.

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