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Four colorful bottles of paint are lined up on a reflective surface. Behind them, vibrant paint splatters and streaks in various colors create an artistic, dynamic background. The scene has a lively and creative energy.

Project Details

Craft an environment your team will want to spend time in, and witness the transformative impact of design.

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Client Challenge

TouchBistro sought custom artwork to elevate their Toronto office space. They entrusted our team with translating their vision into tangible expressions that not only branded their office but also served as catalysts for enhanced creativity and inspiration among their workforce.

Our Solution

Crafting office wall decor is an exciting process requiring ingenuity, practicality, and harmony. We began by thoroughly understanding the TouchBistro’s objectives and were able to leverage our familiarity with their brand to quickly dive into design brainstorming. Working closely with the client, we obtained precise measurements for the printing vendor for a smooth handoff to installation. Our concepts integrated the company’s logo, mission statement, and visuals, which were then subsequently refined through client review and feedback. The final designs featured bold colors and custom graphics, creating a cohesive brand presence throughout the office.

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