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Project Details

Promote your services with an eye-catching booklet—print or digital—and stand apart from the competition.

collection of spreads of the service booklet with icons, images, and graphic treatments

Client Challenge

Spud Software approached the L Street team for a redesigned service booklet. Known for their efficient and customizable solutions, the client wanted the booklet to mirror their well-organized nature. They sought this as both a digital and printed asset that would resonate with their clients. Beyond a design update, they also aimed for content refinement and text restructuring to clearly highlight their unique services.

Our Solution

Our team developed multiple visual identity options, each delving into distinct aspects of the brand. Through client review, we refined standout features and synthesized them into a complete design direction. The final design seamlessly blended earth tones that align with the client's grassroots history with contemporary graphic elements associated with their industry. The harmony between content and white space facilitated easy digestion of important information. This booklet was delivered to Spud Software as a ready-to-distribute digital asset and as a tangible printed booklet for in-person presentation.

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