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Project Details

This confidential client asked for a templated deck to use for sales presentations, quarterly reports, and internal events.

One PowerPoint Template to rule them all? See how we created a multi-use, branded template suite for our financial services client to use for reporting, board presentations, and more.
Client Challenge

We were tasked with making a template that they would actually use and being sure that it encapsulate all possible presentations needs. This template had to include several elements that were multipurpose and easy for a non-designer to use.

Our Solution

Our first step was to review previous presentations to find the most common types of slides. We developed visual identity options and then created a template that included text and number charts, graphs, bullet point slides, pull out quotes, treated images, and icons. As part of our last review with the client, we walked them through the functionality of the template and how to make quick edits.

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Confidential Client
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