LStreet Collaborative Logo in White

Dealer Promotion Kits

Print Material
Canvas tote bag with the L Street Collaborative logo printed on the front, hanging from an easel with a spotlight shining on the scene.

Project Details

Set dealers up for success with branded materials they can use to push business forward.

collection of dealer items: hats, backpacks, product spotlight flyer, box

Client Challenge

Stetco utilizes a network of dealers to expand their product reach and sales potential. To assist these dealers, they would need branded materials that highlight product features and introduce new customers to the Stetco brand.

Our Solution

To set Stetco dealers up for success that can push products forward, our team designed a series of marketing materials. These included product spotlight informational brochures, authorized dealer branded hats and backpacks, network support flyers, team appreciation collateral, and presentation boxes. Brand consistency between all items was key to establishing customer recognition and continued sales.

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Print Material
triple l logo on a blue and yellow box

Dealer Swag Boxes

Triple L
Print Material
text reading SPARK over a light blue background with ribbons of additional colors

On-Site Promotional Materials

Print Material