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L Street Collaborative

Project Details

L Street Collaborative launched it's own rebrand, requiring a new set of visual guides for the website, design collateral, and brand voice.

We rebranded! Formerly Quicksilver Studios, L Street Collaborative rebuilt our brand with a new visual identity earlier this year. Click to see our process!
Client Challenge

Since the branding was altering that from our existing company, we considered our clients and their position within the rebrand. Design is at our core, so we also thought out the elements included in our brand, just like we recommend to clients.

Our Solution

We worked through brainstorming techniques, discussed with the team, iterated with ownership, and found that we wanted a brand that reflected our headquarters in both Chicago and Nashville. Our personality needed to reflect our home bases, as well as who we are as professionals—creative, expert professionals with a dash of playfulness. We put this brand into our website, deliverables, and brand guides.

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