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Logo Redesign

Cornerstone Advisors
A vibrantly colored light bulb is illuminated, with multicolored paint splashes radiating outward from it against a dark background. The design merges creativity and innovation with its vivid, abstract art elements.

Project Details

Change can be hard, but the L Street team makes it easy to upgrade your logo to better appeal to your target audience.

Cornerstone logo and collection of pages from their brand guidelines

Client Challenge

Our Collab team crafted a new visual identity for Cornerstone's presentations but the client also needed to revisit their outdated logo. They requested that we explore a new logo that would give them a modern edge while remaining on brand. They were concerned that their existing brand's colors and guides did not match their company initiatives but were worried a significant change would reduce brand recognition.‍

Our Solution

After several iterations and evaluating the various messages behind each option, Cornerstone selected a new logo that aligned with their vision. At first glance the new logo visually resembles a checkmark, inspiring confidence that Cornerstone will get the job done. It also symbolizes an actual cornerstone of a building in reference to providing continuity and growth to clients in physical financial institutions. This evolution of their brand allows Cornerstone to stand out in the market with fresh and unique visual identity.

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Complete Brand Guidelines

L Street Collaborative
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Branded Template

Northshore University Health
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Visual Identity Exploration

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